Galaxy S8 with 4K VR Display Planned for 2017?

  • Tom Dawson

While the industry as well as Samsung fans the world over will be looking forward to the recent launch of the Galaxy Note 7, there’s always something else over the horizon. For Samsung, their two biggest devices are the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines of devices, and while the latter launches later in the year, the Galaxy S line launched towards the beginning of every year. That means that, with the Galaxy Note 7 just over the horizon, the Galaxy S8 is next in line and according to rumors, key features and specifications have already been locked in. Including a big push to make mobile virtual reality a hell of a lot better.

Samsung is known for their high-resolution displays, and for the Galaxy S8, a 4K display is rumored to be the chosen resolution. We’ve seen devices launch with 4K displays before, like Sony’s 5.5-inch Xperia Z5 Premium, and Samsung recently displayed their own 5.5-inch 4K display during the Society of Information Displays event. This display is put together with their new Bio Blue technology, which has been designed to emit less blue light, which should help combat the blue tinge and “cold” look that some Super AMOLED displays have exhibited in the past. On top of that, a 4K display is great for virtual reality, considering that the display is effectively split in two when used in a headset, the more pixels it has in the first place, the more pixels each lens of the headset will have.

Right now, this device is of course mostly rumors and speculation, with a rumored codename of Project Dream, which some think could hint at Daydream certification for Google’s upcoming new virtual reality platform. Regardless of the rumors and speculation, it is more than likely that the next Galaxy S smartphone is already underway, after all this is Samsung’s biggest release of the year, and they’ll definitely want to make sure they have something great in store for consumers. With virtual reality one of the biggest tickets right now, it’s no surprise that Samsung will be upping their game next year, and as always, it’s one more feature Samsung can offer that Apple simply can’t. (source)