World’s first VR ballet experience is absolutely stunning

  • Juan Buis

VR is quickly taking over video games, movies and all other media around us. The next frontier? Ballet.

With Night Fall, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet created the world’s first VR ballet. The viewer is put in a dark room together with the dancers and a violinist playing the score to the performance. Click here to see the movie.

The choreography for the piece has been created specifically for VR, taking into account the fact that viewers can look around them. The dancers run around the camera and don’t limit their performance to one place, but instead use the entire room.

It’s an exciting new take on an art form that has been around for ages, breaking into an audience that might not normally visit a ballet show.

Like with all 360-degree videos, the content is best seen by using a Google Cardboard or Gear VR with the YouTube app. Specific instructions can be found on the National Ballet’s website. (source)