We produce incredible 3D content that brings brands to life.

We offer a new and unique way of creating marketing activations, as you can promote your products in a completely unique way with seemingly “free-floating” 3D holograms.

We combine our talents to produce jaw-dropping and never-before-seen holographic, interactive and other visual experiences to give your audience the power to immerse themselves completely and connect with your brand. We fuse the latest technologies into one integrated and seamless experience. We're experts at every cutting edge visual and interactive experience going. But we're creatives at heart. This allows us to take your goals and transform into concrete, innovative and memorable ideas.

A tool for visualising medical data

Many medical systems generate complex data using advanced imaging technology, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and ultrasound scans. Normally, that electronic information is used to display a flat image on a computer screen, but it can also be used to produce full colour, computer-generated 3D holographic images.

We are only seeing the beginning of the usefulness of holograms and as we continue to improve the technology, holograms will become an even larger part of society.

The general public is fascinated by holograms. However, holograms are major business. It is suggested that by 2020 the market for genuine, display holograms will be worth 5.5 billion USD

Holography allows to record and display three-dimensional objects by generating a hologram. This is done by adding to the information on the light amplitude (“brightness”) a second information, the phase of the light. The development of holographic techniques is strongly connected with the development of lasers. Adding the phase information to a picture means that there have to be fixed phase relations between object and light which is usually only given with coherent light sources.

The most famous holographic technique is to record a display hologram e.g. an object in a museum or another impressive object. However, mostly holography is applied for industrial or scientific purposes. 

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